OddLot Services

Our Process

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot going on. Let OddLot Creative take the marketing pressure off your shoulders with a full spectrum of digital marketing services. OddLot Creative takes an in-depth approach to create a powerful digital presence and lay the groundwork for all future marketing activities. Working closely with clients, OddLot uses a 3-step approach to every project: Discovery, Design and Delivery.
1. Discovery

We apply an strategic approach to every business decision.

2. Design

We create websites that are as attractive as they are functional.

3. Delivery

You find online and overall success with the tools that OddLot Creative delivers.

The Discovery

Data Gathering | Industry & Competitor Analyses | SEO/SEM | Personas | Customer Journey | User & Website Workflows

Stop guessing and hoping, and get the information you need to make informed, strategic business decisions. OddLot performs the important research that provides you with the insights necessary to be successful. Learn more about your customers, industry and marketing keys to success. Once the research and discovery phase is over, OddLot hands over all the findings for you to use now and in the future. This is also the phase where OddLot begins to generate the seed keyword lists for search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and content marketing (CM).

The Design

Web Design | User Experience Design | Branding | Digital Marketing Strategy | Analytics Set Up

A good website is more than a “pretty” website, it’s a functional website that engages readers and achieves business goals. Everything OddLot learns during the Discovery phase is then utilized to deliver a stunning website that works for you. OddLot works closely with each client throughout the design phase to ensure your website fits your vision and puts your company’s best foot forward. OddLot is able to create fully customized websites including e-commerce, reservation and information sites. The team is passionate about technology and ready to share the newest in web design and user interaction with you.

The Delivery

Websites | Email Campaigns |Social Media Management | Blog Schedules | Marketing Campaigns | SEO Execution | KPI Reporting | Photos & Videos | Logos | Style Guides | Graphics

No two projects are alike. OddLot recognizes that the needs of every client will vary, and is ready with a wide array of deliverables. Many OddLot clients received the full spectrum of marketing support including ongoing digital strategy and online advertising guidance, content management and creation, website maintenance, email marketing campaigns and more. Experience a marked growth in your digital presence without the extensive overhead costs of an in-house marketing team. OddLot offers one-time and ongoing marketing assistance.